eWeLink to be among the first to launch the smart energy dashboard from Alexa to join Amazon’s Climate pledge effort and to help users save energy and cut carbon footprint

Time:2020-12-14 10:02:13
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Beijing, Oct. 20, 2020, 10:51 a.m. GMT+8 

Global leading smart home solution provider eWeLink announced that it is among the first to launch the smart energy dashboard from Alexa to contribute to Amazon’s pledge to become carbon-neutral by 2040.

By integrating the ASE technology, smart home devices with power measurement can proactively report the energy consumption of them to Alexa and display the data in Alexa’s energy dashboard.

With the energy dashboard, Alexa not only helps users track, manage, and save energy consumption but also makes their homes more sustainable by automatically shutting down devices left on while unused. eWeLink shares a sense of social responsibility with Amazon and proactively embraces every innovation to make a contribution to climate protection and environmental sustainability. 

“We are happy to partner with Amazon in energy dashboard and play our part on the global climate issues. ” Stated eWeLink team. “Moving forward, we will continue our close cooperation with the Alexa team to create more energy-efficient and climate-friendly IoT solutions, promote low carbon smart home technologies to device makers, and help manufacturers develop Climate Pledge Eligible products.”

In September 2019, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced The Climate Pledge, a plan to make Amazon company carbon neutral by 2040. This September, the ASE API was introduced as a part of this plan. On Dec 2nd, 2020, the new feature was officially released with eWeLink Smart Home skill being one of the first to integrate this capability in Alexa.

About eWeLink

eWeLink is a full-fledged IoT Smart Home turnkey solution provider for WiFi/Zigbee/GSM/Bluetooth module and firmware, PCBA hardware, global IoT SaaS platform, and open API, etc. eWeLink empowers brands launching their own smart devices at minimal time and cost. eWeLink is committed to working with everything. eWeLink Support products cover home appliances, electricians, lighting devices, security, sensors and many other fields. All eWeLink Support devices can connect and work with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Yandex Alice, AliGenie, DuerOS, Mi Home, IFTTT, and many other platforms.

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