Remote Control

Remotely control home appliances from anywhere at any time,
with device status and operation record checking at the same time.

Grouping Function

It allows users to assign all added devices to different groups so that they can easily check and manage the devices. To use this feature, simply click the drop-down menu on the top of device list.

Create a group named “My Study Room”, and add all the home appliances in the study room into the group for convenient management.

Smart Scene

The smart scene allows users to use one device to automatically trigger ON/OFF one or more devices.

So you can create two scenes named “Return Home” and “Leave Home”. As soon as you arrive or leave home, the door is open/closed, lights or other home appliances are automatically turned on/off.

Share Control

Device owners can share control of their own devices to other eWeLink users. Invite your family members to control your smart home together!

Tap on “SHARE” and enter the eWeLink ID you want to share with (either phone number or email address), make sure the person is also online. Once the invitation message is confirmed, he/she will have right to control your devices.

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