eWeLink is an open cooperative smart home APP which allows you to bring smart devices
from different brands together on one single platform.
We provides standardized protocols like SDK and API. You may integrate our stack to build your own APPs.

Connected Products

Currently, eWeLink multi-language version supports the 2 top foreign home automation devices - Amazon Echo, Google Nest.
Furthermore, it is fully compatible with Haier U+, Alibaba Smart Living, Iflytek and other popular domestic home automation platforms.
In addition, eWeLink supports users to log in with third party (Facebook, QQ and WeChat) accounts.

Amazon Echo

eWeLink is an Amazon strategic partner. It is fully compatible with Amazon Echo platform. Therefore, you can use Echo directly to control all eWeLink supported smart devices.

Google Nest

After accessing to Google Nest, eWeLink can receive real-time environment data from Nest, which can be used to create smart scene to control eWeLink devices.

Haier U+

eWeLink has been fully compatible with Haier U+ platform. You can use Haier U+ to directly control all eWeLink supported smart devices.

Third-Party Login

eWeLink supports users to log in with third-party (Facebook, QQ and WeChat) accounts.

More devices will be supported

Stay tuned...

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